If you have been looking for a decent folding electric bike that won’t break the budget, we are happy to break it to you, the Ancheer ebike is the one.

This bike is made for people who want their bike quick and easy to handle. Its features and specifications make it one of the best folding e-bikes on the market for that price point.

The Ancheer folding electric bicycle is ideal for commuters, it folds up quickly and can be stored easily anywhere you wish. So you do not have to worry about it getting stolen. When at the office, you can simply just keep it under your desk. It is also very comfortable and foremost, safe. Its broad appeal is quite sophisticated too, making it one of the coolest bikes ever. The black and white color scheme creates a very sleek style which draws a lot of attention.

This bike can manage roads as well as varying terrains effortlessly. So if your daily commute involves a dirt road or you are into recreational riding, the Ancheer bike could be your perfect partner. The combination of versatile features, a trustworthy brand, and great customer support is one of the reasons I love it. And to top it all off, it is also fun to ride.

This bike is of quintessential value and could be the answer to your search for a reliable and easy mode of transportation. Below is everything you need to know about the Ancheer folding electric bike.


Quick Overview

  • Maximum speed: 25 KPH (15.5 MPH)
  • Power output: 36V 8 ah, removable lithium-ion battery
  • Motor: 250W brushless, 3 working modes (Full ebike, assisted bike, normal bike)
  • Range: 25-50 KM (15.5-31 miles)
  • Charge time: 4-6 hours
  • Best use: Commuters, leisure riders
  • Portability: Collapses for easy transport
  • Net weight: 25 kg (55 lbs)
  • Load capacity: 150 kg (330 lbs)


  • Good quality and design
  • It has a removable battery
  • Features dual disc brakes
  • It’s very comfortable
  • Affordable
  • eco-friendly


  • It heavier than the more expensive bikes

How The E Bike Works?

The Ancheer Folding Electric Bike comes with pedal assist mode. It can rely on both the power of its battery and your legs.

This foldable bike has a sufficient 250w motor which can achieve a top speed of 15 miles per hour. It is powered by a 36V, 4.4AH removable lithium-ion battery that also comes with a battery charger. Additionally, the bike features an easy charge system that allows you to charge fast without any trouble.

On top of that, the bike features a horn and a bright LED headlamp for safe night travel.

There are two working modes to this bike, the e-bike mode, and the assisted bike mode. You can choose the e-bike mode to enjoy long hours of travel without pedaling while the assisted bike mode allows smooth travel during high winds and steep climbs. I personally prefer to leave it on the assisted mode because hey I might as well get fit while riding.

Additional specifications include a load capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg), battery weight of about 5 lbs (2.2 kg), 20-inch wheel diameter, 22.2-inch handlebars, 27.3 to 44.1-inch seat height, and a full length of 58.1 inches.

How Far Can The E Bike Go?

The Ancheer e bike when on a full battery can travel between 15 and 30 miles depending on how fast you are going, the type of terrain, and whether or not you are pedaling.

The bike requires 4 to 6 hours to charge fully.

How To Use The E Bike Meter

The 3-speed smart buttons on the meter enable more efficient riding. The bike also has aluminum alloy pedals, handlebars, and a seat tube. It also possesses a comfortable saddle which makes riding for long hours bearable.

The led meter is simple to operate and is easy to reach even with my smalls hands. The buttons are clearly labeled + and – to increase and decrease the level of assistance.


The wheels are also made of aluminum alloy and are double layered to enable comfortable shock absorption. The front fork is made of carbon steel making it very strong and capable of absorbing shock easily and able to handle different kinds of terrain.  All these specifications are crucial because they contribute to the overall safety of rides.


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Wheels and Brakes

This bike delivers strong front and rear disc brakes that allow the rider maximum safety. If you haven’t used disc brakes before on a bicycle, believe me, the difference in stopping the power of disc brakes over rim brakes is like night and day. Wet weather? Not a problem for disc brakes. Descending a hill? Not a problem for disc brakes. Sudden stopping in front of you? Disc brakes. These things rock!

Another important feature is the tires which are high quality 18.7″ anti-slip lithium tires. All these specifications are crucial because they contribute to the overall safety of rides.


On the downside, at 42lbs (19 kgs), this bike is quite heavy to carry and you will probably not be happy with this fact if you are using it for a partial commute. But if you are using it for the whole journey until you reach your destination the weight is not that big of a deal. And with its folding ability, it can fit easily in the trunk of a car, at home or in an office area. The fact that it works effortlessly on both road and dirt makes it one of the most convenient electric folding bikes out there.


Because this bike is heavy, you may be tempted to count it out but before you do that, I want to remind you that its abilities, design, and quality offer a truly awesome riding venture. From personal experience, I believe that its many good qualities are more important than the one negative fact that it is heavy.

One of such qualities is the removable battery which is perfect for riding for many hours without needing a recharge. And even recharging does not take up a lot of time. Another one is the stylish design. And with the brakes and shifting system on this Ancheer bike, you can be sure that you have a safe life partner whenever you want to ride out.

In addition to this, the Ancheer folding electric bike is quite affordable compared to similar premium products on the market which are highly priced. In other words, you do not have to break your bank to purchase one.

We would suggest you give it a chance. We love that it is fast, safe, able to fold without a hassle and can be stored almost anywhere without taking up much space. And you have to agree, all these abilities are pretty fantastic. All in all, this bike has everything you need in an e-bike.

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