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Best Folding Electric Bike Editor:

Robert Herman: I work part-time in IT as a database administrator. Luckily my company is big on fitness and we have bike racks and showers on site.

When it’s not raining I generally ride my bicycle to work. It is roughly a 1-hour commute, depending on how much pizza I had for dinner the night before.

I love cycling. I picked it up about 7 years ago as a way to keep fit and started riding around my local park. Then one day while chatting to a colleague, he said “Why don’t you come out for a ride with the boys? we do training rides around this park every Wednesday you mght like it!”

So, I did. And I loved it.
So much so that I now have many bikes at home… n+1 rule =)

My passion is for road biking and yes I do have a very expensive carbon fiber bike. Let’s not say how much for fear of my wife finding out the real price.
I have also ridden mountain bikes, hybrid commuter bikes, and folding bikes. Recently though as technology has allowed, I have had the chance to ride electric bikes.

I hope that my experiences can help you get on a bicycle as well and meet some cool people and get healthy at the same time.