Urban commute solutions can vary greatly; some recommend running, others biking. But there’s another way to knock out your daily commute or just enjoy traversing your city without having to cough up the cash for a car or motorcycle.

Instead, check out the SwagCycle Folding Electric Scooter. This budget folding electric bike allows you to cruise through the city streets without having to sweat or struggle with pedals. It’s eco-friendly, since there are no emissions like those from cars or motorcycles, and its aluminum frame is both lightweight and collapsible to become portable. If you’re looking for an affordable change to the way you travel around the city, look no further than the SwagCycle.

Let’s dig into some features and specifications before we go into more detail.


Quick Overview

  • Maximum Speed: 15 MPH
  • Power Output: 36-volt
  • Motor: 250 watts
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Best use: Urban riding, flat terrain
  • Portability: Collapsible stem for easy transport
  • Net weight: 29 pounds
  • Load capacity: 264 pounds

How The E Bike Works?

The SwagCycle Folding Electric Scooter is a pedal-free ride that doesn’t need any muscle power on your part to get you moving around the city or neighborhood. It relies on the power of its battery and motor, rather than repetitive pedaling, to get you to your destination; you place your feet on a pair of sturdy rests on either side of the front tire, instead. It’s also zero-emission budget folding electric bike, meaning that it doesn’t pump any harmful gasses into the environment: an important feature now more than ever. With e-bikes such as the SwagCycle, you can get from place to place faster than walking or running, all without becoming sweaty from pedaling for hours on end.

Budget folding electric bikes such as this can collapse into about two-thirds of its size, allowing you to store it in a trunk or simply carry it around when there isn’t smooth rode for easy riding. The tall handlebar and controls can fold downwards to match the height of the rest of the bike; since there are no pedals, these don’t need to be accounted for during transport. The SwagCycle can, thanks to its collapsibility, be taken virtually anywhere. Its aluminum frame keeps its shape throughout use and folding and prevents it from becoming too heavy.

LED headlights allow you to ride at night without worry. The SwagCycle’s battery has a USB outlet, too, as it’s designed for modern, urban travelers who rely on their phones for work or communication. You can charge a phone or other electronic device via this port, which takes energy right from the bike’s battery. The horn, usable near the front handles, is loud enough to signal to surrounding cars. A kickstand makes resting the bike a snap.

How Far Can The E Bike Go?

The SwagCycle can manage around 10 miles on a single charge; this is enough distance for many urban commutes through city streets, although this exact distance can be stretched out if you don’t go at the maximum speed or if you go downhill for long stretches.

This e-scooter can reach a maximum speed of nearly 15 miles per hour, although with varied terrain and inclinations you’ll see 10 miles per hour more consistently. This allows it to make good use of its charge before it needs to be plugging in for more power.

The battery charges from empty to full in around 2.5 hours, meaning that for around every hour of use you’ll need to recharge its battery again. Since this model lacks pedals of any kind, you should plan on recharging it whenever you’ve taken it out for a spin.

How To Use The E Bike Meter

The SwagCycle’s handlebars are connected to its aluminum frame and covered in comfortable rubber to keep your grip comfortable. There are two controls, one on either side of the budget folding electric bike. On the right-hand side, you can find the red power button that starts the scooter up with a simple push, along with a battery indicator like a dial. On the left side, you can find the horn button, also in bright red, and a headlight switch that you can turn either on or off.

There is no speedometer, and the throttle is located on the right-hand side next to the battery indicator. You speed up or slow down depending on how much you pull the throttle and work the brakes, of which there are two.



The frame of the SwagCycle is high-quality aluminum that both keeps the weight of the bike down and allows it to withstand daily use. It’s not as tough as steel, but it won’t break from normal wear and tear. The seat is padded but a little small, but since you can only effectively ride this e-scooter for an hour it shouldn’t be uncomfortable for most folks.


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Wheels and Brakes

The wheels each have a separate brake. The front wheel brake can be used with the right-hand lever and the back brake is activated with the left-hand lever. That both brakes have a separate lever is a good design, since you can use the back brake to slow down over time or alter your speed and the front brake to come to a complete stop.

The brake lines are kept tight and compact against the shape of the SwagCycle’s chassis, preventing them from becoming tangled in anything.

The SwagCycle’s front wheel measures 12 inches and the back wheel measures ten inches. Both wheels are made from durable rubber that isn’t made for off-road cycling; keep this ride on asphalt or concrete roads.


The electric scooter’s stem can be folded down to rest as tall as the front tire, shaving some inches off of the portable configuration. In this manner, the budget folding electric bike can be folded and placed in a trunk or carried around easily if the battery runs out. Most people should be able to handle its 29-pound weight, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable.


  • No need to pedal at all, just relax
  • Horn and headlights included
  • Separate brakes for both front and back tires
  • Charges quickly relative to how long you can ride
  • Collapsible for transportation


  • Footrests might be a bit small for some
  • No manual power means you rely on battery charge

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