Imagine riding through rugged terrains, effortlessly gliding past traffic, and zipping through the city streets with the wind in your hair. The OPEAK Electric Bike for Adults is the ultimate companion for your long-distance travels. Powered by a 750W high-speed motor, this electric mountain bicycle boasts a 48V 12Ah removable battery that can be charged directly on the frame or disassembled for charging. With a top speed of 28 mph and a cruising range of up to 46 miles, this bike is perfect for both daily commuting and off-road adventures. Equipped with 8-speed gears and 26”x4” fat tires, it provides exceptional grip and maneuverability on various terrains. Plus, with its convenient folding design, you can easily fit it into your SUV or pickup truck. Take your riding experience to new heights with the OPEAK Electric Bike for Adults.

Discover more about the OPEAK Electric Bike for Adults Electric Mountain Bicycke with 750W High Speed Motor, 48V 12Ah Removeable Battery,8 Speed Gear,26x4 Fat Tire.

Why Consider This Product?

If you’re in the market for an electric bike that combines power, versatility, and convenience, then the OPEAK Electric Bike for Adults is the perfect choice for you. This bike offers a range of impressive features that make it an ideal option for long-distance travel, commuting, or off-road adventures. With a powerful 750W high-speed motor and a removable 48V 12Ah battery, this electric bike offers a top speed of 28 mph and a cruising range of up to 46 miles. Whether you’re riding on rough terrain or navigating through city streets, this bike has got you covered.

The OPEAK Electric Bike is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. It comes with 26-inch fat tires that provide excellent grip and stability, making it suitable for various road conditions, including snow and beaches. The bike also features auto-sensing LED lights that automatically switch on in low light conditions, ensuring your visibility and safety during night rides. Additionally, the high-performance hydraulic disc brakes and front hydraulic suspension fork provide superior stopping power and a smooth riding experience by reducing the impact of road bumps.

Features and Benefits

Your Long-Distance Travel Companion

One of the standout features of the OPEAK Electric Bike is its 48V 12Ah removable battery. This large-capacity battery can be charged directly on the frame or easily detached for charging, allowing for flexibility and convenience. With upgraded charging technology, the battery can go from 0 to 100% in just 6 hours, minimizing your downtime. The battery’s impressive capacity provides a cruising range of up to 46 miles, making it an excellent choice for longer commutes or adventurous rides.

Powerful Motor for Thrilling Rides

Equipped with a 750W high-speed brushless motor, this electric bike delivers exhilarating performance with a top speed of 28 mph. Whether you’re using it for daily commuting or off-road exploration, this motor provides you with the necessary power and speed to enjoy your ride. You’ll feel the thrill of the wind in your hair as you effortlessly cruise through your chosen route.

Three Riding Modes for Versatility

The OPEAK Electric Bike offers three riding modes to suit your preferences and needs. In pure human pedaling mode, you can ride it just like a regular bicycle, experiencing the joys of cycling with some added assistance from the brushless motor when needed. The pedal assist mode allows you to activate the motor by stepping on the pedal, providing adjustable forward power across five gears. Lastly, the pure electric mode lets you enjoy the ride solely using the accelerator, without the need for pedaling. These versatile riding modes ensure that you have the flexibility to choose the level of exercise and enjoyment you desire.

Fat Tires for Any Terrain

With 26-inch diameter and 4-inch width, the fat tires on this electric bike offer excellent traction and stability on various road surfaces. Whether you’re navigating through snow-covered paths, sandy beaches, or rough terrains, these tires provide a firm grip and enhanced control. Say goodbye to limitations and explore all the adventurous paths you’ve always wanted to conquer.

Product Quality

The OPEAK Electric Bike for Adults is built to deliver exceptional quality and performance. With its high-speed motor and removable battery, this bike gives you the power and flexibility you need for all your rides. The hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power in any weather condition, while the front hydraulic suspension fork and central spring shock absorber work together to absorb road bumps, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

What It’s Used For

Commuting to Work or School

The OPEAK Electric Bike is an excellent choice for city commuting. With its powerful motor and long cruising range, you can navigate through traffic effortlessly and reach your destination in no time. Additionally, the foldable design makes it easy to carry and store, making it a convenient option for those who need to combine biking with other modes of transportation, such as SUVs or pickup trucks.

Off-Road Adventures

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for thrilling off-road adventures, this electric bike is perfect for you. The fat tires and powerful motor allow you to tackle any challenging terrain with ease. From rocky mountains to sandy beaches, this bike can handle it all, ensuring an exciting and memorable experience.

Fun Fitness Activities

Riding the OPEAK Electric Bike is not just about transportation; it’s also a great way to add fun and exercise to your daily routine. With its versatile riding modes, you can choose the level of assistance you desire, combining exercise with the enjoyment of cycling. Ride through parks, bike paths, or explore new routes while getting a good workout.

Convenient Weekend Getaways

Weekend getaways just got easier with the OPEAK Electric Bike. Whether you’re exploring a new city or enjoying a relaxing break in the countryside, this bike offers convenience and comfort. Its foldable design makes it easy to transport, and the rear rack provides additional storage space for your belongings. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to explore new places at your own pace.

Product Specifications

Motor750W high-speed brushless motor
Battery48V 12Ah removable battery
Maximum Speed28 mph
Maximum Cruising RangeUp to 46 miles
Tire Size26” x 4” fat tires
BrakesHigh-performance hydraulic disc
SuspensionFront hydraulic fork
LightingAuto-sensing LED lights
Folding DesignYes
ColorsVarious options available

Who Needs This

The OPEAK Electric Bike is perfect for anyone seeking a versatile, powerful, and convenient mode of transportation. Whether you’re a daily commuter, an outdoor enthusiast, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking for weekend adventure, this bike is designed to meet your needs. It’s suitable for both men and women, providing a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful 750W motor for thrilling rides
  • Removable 48V 12Ah battery for extended cruising range
  • Three riding modes for versatile usage
  • Fat tires for excellent grip and stability on various terrains
  • Auto-sensing LED lights for safe night riding
  • High-performance hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power
  • Front hydraulic suspension fork for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Folding design for easy transportation and storage
  • Rear rack for additional storage space


  • Relatively high upfront cost compared to traditional bicycles
  • Limited availability based on location and local regulations
  • The large and heavy frame can be challenging to maneuver for some individuals


Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?

A: The battery can be charged from 0 to 100% in approximately 6 hours using the upgraded charging technology.

Q: Can the battery be charged while it is attached to the bike?

A: Yes, the battery can be charged directly on the frame or easily removed for charging, providing flexibility and convenience.

Q: What is the maximum speed this electric bike can reach?

A: The OPEAK Electric Bike has a top speed of 28 mph, delivering a thrilling riding experience.

Q: Can I use this bike purely as a regular bicycle?

A: Absolutely! This electric bike offers a pure human pedaling mode, allowing you to ride it like a traditional bicycle whenever you choose.

Q: Is this bike suitable for off-road riding?

A: Yes, the fat tires and powerful motor make this bike a great choice for off-road adventures, allowing you to navigate various terrains with ease.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the OPEAK Electric Bike praise its power, durability, and versatility. Many users appreciate the convenience of the removable battery and the long cruising range it provides. The bike’s smooth ride, comfortable seating, and excellent grip on rough terrain have been widely commended. Customers also appreciate the ease of folding and carrying the bike, making it a popular option for those who need to combine cycling with other forms of transportation. Overall, customers find great value in the OPEAK Electric Bike and enjoy the freedom and enjoyment it brings to their rides.

Overall Value

The OPEAK Electric Bike for Adults is a high-quality and versatile mode of transportation that offers an exceptional riding experience. With its powerful motor, long cruising range, and three riding modes, this bike ensures you have the flexibility and convenience to enjoy every ride. Whether you’re commuting to work, embarking on off-road adventures, or simply seeking a fun and fitness activity, this electric bike delivers on all fronts. Its impressive features, durability, and value for money make it an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their biking experience.

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Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To make the most of your OPEAK Electric Bike, here are some tips and tricks for optimal performance and longevity:

  • Regularly check tire pressure and adjust it according to the road conditions you’ll be riding on.
  • Keep the battery charged even if you’re not using the bike for an extended period.
  • Clean your bike after each ride to remove dirt, grime, and debris, ensuring its optimal functioning.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and care instructions to keep all parts in good condition.
  • When folding the bike for transportation or storage, ensure that all latches and locks are secure to prevent any damage.

Final Thoughts

The OPEAK Electric Bike for Adults is a remarkable product that combines power, versatility, and convenience. Whether you’re using it for commuting, off-road adventures, or fitness activities, this bike delivers an exceptional riding experience. With its powerful motor, long cruising range, and innovative features, it provides everything you need for an enjoyable ride. Invest in the OPEAK Electric Bike and transform your daily commute or weekend getaway into an exhilarating and hassle-free experience. Enjoy the freedom, convenience, and pleasure of riding this exceptional electric bike.

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