It’s time to get In shape, and there are some great trails nearby. All your friends get together to cycle together, but you just can’t handle the hills right now. Traditional cycling doesn’t interest you as much, but you wish you could have fun with your friends on their weekend rides. Well, not you can.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself with them. You’re in the middle of a beautiful trail, wind hitting your face, laughing and joking around, relaxed and having fun. You’re surrounded by nature and the sun is shining down on you. All is well.

There’s a great option for people who need a little assistance when cycling called an electric bike. These beauties offer motorized assistance to make peddling those hills take a lot mess man power thanks to a little bit of horse power.

The ANCHEER power plus electric mountain bike is one of our favorite choices. Here’s why!



Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

  • Maximum Speed: 15 mph
  • Power Source: 36-volt 8AH lithium ion removable battery
  • Motor: 250 watts, stable, high speed brushless gear
  • Range: 15-30 miles
  • Charge time: 6 hours
  • Best use: Rugged terrain, outdoor exploration
  • Portability: Folding
  • Net weight: 50 pounds
  • Load capacity: 330 pounds

How Does This E Bike Works

The ANCHEER bike combines human pedal power with a functional, battery powered engine to take your farther and faster than you could go on a traditional bike. It features a meter that allows riders to decide whether they want to use pure pedal power, assisted pedaling, or fully motorized energy to get them where they’re going.

The bike arrives 85% assembled in the package. Most local bike shops will complete the assembly for you, but the instructions are included. If you’re a visual learner, ANCHEER has helpfully uploaded a tutorial video that shows you exactly how to assemble your new bike.

How Far Can The E Bike Go?

This bike has up to a 30-mile range. This allows you to cover a lot of ground. A lot of urban commuters can get to work and back in 30 miles, especially if they are using pedal assistance to maximize their range.

Thanks to a built in LED light and horn, this bicycle can even get you where you need to go after hours. This is really nice for those late night 7-11 snack and drink runs or the quick trip to the store for that thing you forgot that you need to make tonight’s dinner.

If you’re a weekend explorer who wants to take the bike through some trails for a bit of exercise and adventure in the great outdoors, you will find that this bike allows you that freedom. Relax and let the trail take you where it leads. Just remember that if you’re going up a lot of steep hills, this will reduce the range significantly.

Because this is a pedal assisted bike the good news is that you won’t ever be completely stranded. If the motor does die while you’re out, then use this like a traditional bike to get back home… It just may take some extra work.

It has a removable battery source, so if you are genuinely concerned about being stranded, you can always purchase a backup battery to take with you. The battery is roughly the size of a thermos so it will fit into most backpacks. In fact, even if you’re not worried about being stranded, this is a great add on to extend your bike’s range if you ever want to go on longer trips without running out of juice!

How to Use the Meter

It can be intimidating to learn new technology sometimes, but this meter is pretty intuitive. Their meter has a 3 setting cycle, for low medium and high output.

The handlebars have a power switch to transform this from a traditional bicycle into an electrically assisted bike.

Press and hold the M key to turn it on and off. Once it’s on, it will default to the lowest setting. Pressing the + key will increase the meter, and the – button will decrease the assistance boost.

If you want to enjoy a purely electric ride, then keep pressing the – button until all 3 pedal assistance systems are turned off.  An indicator will tell you when this happens.

For a quick burst of speed, you can always use the throttle. This comes in handy if you’re waiting by traffic lights, need to catch up to friends, or want to race someone and leave them in your dust.


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Suspension and Transmission

The ANCHEER power plus bike’s frame is made of an aluminum alloy frame built for durability and speed. The design ensures a faster and smoother ride because it creates less drag. This also allows for more precise maneuverability. The model also includes a high strength front suspension fork to help you get over those bumps and potholes without feeling the bruises.

Shimano 21 speed gear allows you to get some extra power for your work when climbing hills. It also makes this bike versatile for any terrain.  This system means that even if you’re using the bike without the motor, you can still have a great ride that takes you pretty far and maximizes your own power to take you where you need to go with less effort.

The bike includes 3 styles of riding. It has the option to go powerless and be used as a normal bike; however, if that’s all you wanted you wouldn’t be buying an electric. This mode is great for when you’re stuck with no power, or if you don’t want to wait for the entire battery to recharge before heading home and are willing to use the power just for the hardest areas of your ride.

The next setting is an Assisted Bicycle model. This mode will maximize the engine utility. It works like a hybrid car, using some battery power but still requiring pedal work and human power.

Finally, there is a fully automated mode. This allows you to relax and let your bike do all the work for you. If you’re taking a really short trip or are especially tired, this is really useful.

The bike has a meter button that allows you to easily toggle your settings. If you need a quick burst of extra speed, just twist the throttle. We recommend active use of the meter for your ride, swapping between options based on the terrain, battery power, and your energy and skill.

Wheels and Brakes

This electric bike has a handle bar brake system. The bike utilizes a front and rear disc brake system to ensure reliable braking in any weather or terrain. The motor is quiet and utilizes anti-skid technology.

The bike uses variable speed, 26-inch fly wheels. It also has an anti-out chain wheel with after dialing. The tires are made from wear resistant, anti-slip materials.


  • Removable battery charges on or off bike
  • 3 settings allow for self-pedaling, assisted pedaling, or no pedaling
  • Water resistant battery


  • Heavier model – 50 pounds
  • Customer support is hard to reach if you have issues
  • No replacement parts

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