Close your eyes and picture your perfect local getaway. Are you riding down a sandy beach, sunlight giving your face freckles, listening to the waves crash against the shoreline? Maybe you’re winding through a mountain trail, mounting hills like they’re nothing. Listen to the birds chirping as you breathe in the scent of fresh pine. Perhaps there’s a lake nearby and you’re biking along the perimeter, watching the brightly colored leaves fall to the ground and crunch beneath you. Maybe you’re not an outdoorsy person at all. The vibrant urban cityscape is what invigorates you. Let the wind whip through your hair as you navigate past gridlocked traffic, en route to your favorite little coffee shop, museum, bookstore, art gallery.

No matter which scene appeals to you most, the Vtuvia Folding Electric Bicycle can get you there with ease. This 20 inch electric folding bike with 500 watt motor is designed to be the ultimate in versatile, all terrain electric biking. We took it for a test drive so that we can tell you all about this amazing bike and it’s seriously impressive features.



Sub Title

  • Maximum Speed: 23 to 28 miles per hour
  • Power Output: 48 volt 12 AH lithium ion battery
  • Motor: 500 watt high speed brushless motor
  • Range: 35 miles using level one assist
  • Charge time: 6 hours
  • Best use: All terrain!
  • Portability: foldable
  • Net weight: 54 pounds
  • Load capacity: 350 pounds

How Does This E Bike Work?

Electric bicycles work much like traditional bicycles, but their built in motors make sure you can go much farther and faster than a traditional bike. They allow you to be a little lazy and let the engine take you all the way up those steep hills if you want while saving battery power to coast down the other side.

This bicycle has 3 different transportation modes. If you want to sit back and relax, this fully electric motor will do all the work for you.

If you’re looking to save some battery power and don’t mind doing some of the legwork, then the intuitive pedal assistance will boost your riding power to get you up those pesky hills with significantly less work on your part.  This bike features 5 different levels of pedal assisted riding.

Finally, if you really want a great workout or take the bike a little far while exploring, the bike can function entirely like a traditional model, allowing you to keep moving using entirely your own strength. With a 7 shift drive train, this is not as difficult as other electric bikes to use motor free, but we don’t recommend using this method too often. At 54 pounds, this bike is significantly heavier than traditional bikes, so it will take a lot more effort to ride.

This model features a backlit LCD screen display. The bicycle keeps track of speed, distance, remaining battery power, and more. It doesn’t come with cruise control, so be sure to hold the throttle while you ride.

How Far Can The E Bike Go?

This bike can get you as far as you want to go! The motor has a range of 35 miles, which takes you pretty far, but using pedal assist will maximize the range. Once the battery dies, this functions as a traditional bike so you can still travel using your own pedaling power with its 7 speed transmission.

A truly impressive feature of this bike is that it tops out at nearly 30 miles per hour! While this won’t let you race any cars or motorcycles, it can keep up with residential speed limits and get you where you’re going pretty quickly. This is significantly faster than most electric bicycle top speeds.

This bike was designed for exploration. It features all weather tires and an extremely powerful motor that can get you through any terrain. Whether you’re going through the sandy beaches of southern California or braving the snowy passes in the northeast, this bike can handle the ride. The powerful motor makes it really easy to climb those intimidating hills. Get out and enjoy the scenery!

Suspension and Transmission

This bike features an aluminum alloy frame designed to be lightweight but durable. It features a hydraulic aluminum suspension front fork and shock absorbent tires to ensure that your ride is smooth and comfortable.

The Vtuvia electric bicycle utilizes a Shimano 7 speed transmission system. With this in place, it is up to each individual rider how far and fast they want to travel. The variety in speeds allows for any terrain or situation.

Wheels and Brakes

The Vituvia folding electric bicycle’s wheels are wear resistant and shock absorbing. These 20 inch Kenda tires are 60 TPI fat tires. They’re also treaded to allow for off-road use. They excel at maintaining grip over slippery or shifting terrain but can work for urban environments as well.

This bike utilizes a Karasawa front and rear disc brake system. When you engage the brakes, it automatically cuts off all power to the motor as well to ensure swift stopping power.


The 20 inch electric folding bike 500 watt is pretty portable despite what you might think. At 54 pounds, this bike is extremely light considering the powerfully impressive features. This is only slightly heavier than an average electric bicycle but it boasts nearly double the motor power and range of many other bikes in its class. While this is pretty heavy to lug around if you run out of juice, it’s not impossible.

If you don’t want to pedal to a port and wait 6 hours for a battery charge, you can just use it to pedal home. It won’t be an easy ride given the weight of the frame, but you’ve still got a 7 gear drive train so it’s much easier to manage than other electric bicycles in its class.


  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Much greater range than comparable models
  • Top speed approaching 30 miles per hour
  • Waterproof in rain or snow
  • 350 pound load capacity
  • Low step through


  • Longer charge time
  • Messier handlebar interface





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