You’ve finally managed to secure the perfect location for your life. Your job is close enough for a bicycle commute instead of a car. There’s just one problem… It’s a pretty advanced course and work leaves you tired. Who wants to power up and down hills after a long day in a power suit? So, a traditional bicycle is out of the question. How about a motorcycle? No way! That requires another special license, is just as expensive as cars, and isn’t any better for the environment.

What’s the solution? Wait… That’s right! You’ve been meaning to look into those newfangled electric bicycles, but aren’t they expensive? Not necessarily. We’ve looked into the wide range of electric bicycles and found the best electric bikes under 500 dollars. That’s right… These don’t cost much more than traditional bikes but they still offer a lot more zip for your zap! From all of those bikes, we picked a winner. Here’s our in depth review of the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle, which we decided was the most bang for your very valuable buck in this budget range.



ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike

  • Maximum Speed: 15 miles per hour
  • Powered BY: 36 volt 6 ah battery
  • Motor: 350 watts
  • Range: 12 miles
  • Battery Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Ideal Use Conditions: Flat roads, short trips
  • Portability: Foldable
  • Net weight: 26.5 pounds
  • Load capacity: 265 pounds

How Does This E Bike Works

This bike is fantastic. It is already completely assembled with a pre charged battery, so it can be pulled out of the box and taken for a spin immediately. As a note, some batteries slowly lose charge when left to sit for a while so it may not be a full charge when you unpack, depending how long it took to ship to you. It has a 10-mile training limiter so you can get used to how the bike works, but once you pass that you can crank up the speed to upwards of 10 miles per hour. In ideal, flat conditions this tops out at a little over 15 miles per hour.

The bike has a few speed settings. It self balances, so you don’t have to actively worry about that. Just twist the throttle when you want to go faster or slower, or hit the cruise control button for a thoughtless and carefree ride.

With the hand brakes, you can quickly and easily slow or stop your bike. Take it across flat urban terrain, then collapse it and carry it up flights of stairs with ease.

How Far Can The E Bike Go?

The Ancheer E-bike will get you about 12 miles round trip, so it is less than ideal for outdoor exploration. It’s a great bike for riding through parks, college kids getting across campus quickly, or shorter commutes from urban apartments.

With a battery that recharges in just 3 hours, you won’t need to worry about whether you can get to work and back on this bike. Simply cruise to your job, let it charge up while you’re at the office, and head out again at the end of the day with a fully recharged motor!

Another thing that can affect the range of this bike is terrain. If you’re pushing it to take steep inclines or rough terrain, then you won’t get nearly as far on this bike. Inclines steeper than 10 degrees will cost major power and you may be better off walking your bike up these inclines instead.

Outstanding Features

This electric bicycle has some great features.  If you’re looking to ride in the dark, then hold your horn down for a few seconds to activate the lights.
The Ancheer electric bike comes with Bluetooth and an APP supporting system. This works for speed setting and mileage and time recording. What’s really nice is that it also allows for a pass code lock on the bike’s motor, which uses a longer 6 digit code to prevent would be thieves from taking off with your wheels. The system also does an e-bike self test.

The company provides warranty coverage for the first year of the e-bike’s life. The warranty covers the motor, battery, and charger. Just be sure to order from Ancheer or they may invalidate the warranty agreement.

This model also includes a phone mount. This is a great feature because it allows you to see your speed and remaining battery power. It also allows you to have GPS mapping systems plan your routes for you. Combine this with cruise control and you can even take phone calls from the road without worrying about constantly manning the throttle.

Suspension and Transmission

The lightweight frame of this bike is built in the shape of a dolphin. The frame is built low to the ground and close to the wheels, allowing for greater balance and stability, while the higher seat allows rider visibility.

The ANCHEER bike doesn’t have built in shocks, so it will ride like a traditional bicycle rather than a motorcycle in this regard. This bike is recommended for use on flat terrain, though, so unless your path is filled with potholes, we don’t anticipate this being problematic.

This transmission includes both a variable speed twist throttle. If you want an easier option so you can focus your thoughts on work instead of speed, then just press the little green button. Bingo, bongo you’ve just engaged cruise control! To take yourself out of cruise control, simply tap your brakes or engage the throttle again.



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Wheels and Brakes

The ANCHEER electric bike features double layered aluminum alloy wheels. This system includes IPX5 waterproof range. This means that you don’t have to worry about those rainy days. Just make sure you’re covered because the bike doesn’t need to be.

This bike features a handlebar display brake and rear disc brake. Dual disc brakes are a standard across all models of this style of ANCHEER electric bicycle.


This bike is extremely portable. One of the coolest things about this bike is how light it is! Weighing in at just over 25 pounds, this bike is light enough to carry up and down flights of stairs or really steep inclines.

The frame itself is built of lightweight aluminum alloys ad is completely foldable. The front stem also collapses, allowing for it to be easily carried with only one hand. If you’re traveling, this bike is portable enough to fit into a large duffel bag! If you still don’t want to carry the 25 pounds for long, this will fit on most city bus bike racks. If you’re flying, be aware that this is a lithium ion battery. Know the regulations for your trip because a lot of destinations don’t allow these battery types in the cabin of their airplanes.


  • Quick recharge – only 3 hours
  • Password locking motor
  • Cruise control button
  • Waterproof


  • Only a 12 mile range
  • Doesn’t handle rugged or steep terrain

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