I really wish that I was a cyclist. Those people seem to have it made. They’re always really cheerful and they’re in absolutely peak physical condition. I’ve never met a cyclist who didn’t look like a professional athlete. That’s probably because most of them race as a hobby and constantly take their family biking.

Biking is just so much work, though. If your body isn’t built right or you’re the least bit out of shape, mounting those hills can seem absolutely impossible. It takes so much muscle strength and endurance, and on top of that, you constantly have to balance yourself and maintain your speed carefully, especially if you’re cycling in heavily populated areas or over rugged terrain where any rock or log could send you flying towards broken limb city.

Let me introduce you to electric bicycles. These little beauties are technological pieces of awesome. They feature built in, battery operated motors that assist your bike. Feel like you only propel your bike forward inches with every push? Are your gears maxed out and still not getting you up those hills with your friends? Sick and tired of being left in the dust? Let this engine help you!

Electric bikes are built to get you where you want to go. If you struggle to get up the hills, you can kick pedal assist into gear and let it push your bike up the hill with only 83% of the effort you’d otherwise expend. Still not interested? The full power mode lets you sit back and relax while the bike does all the heavy work for you then flip back into assisted pedaling on those downhill slopes and flats.



E-Joe Epik Best Folding Electric Commuter Bike

  • Maximum Speed: 20 miles per hour
  • Power Output: 48 volt, 10ah lithium ion battery
  • Motor: 500 watt rear brushless geared hub
  • Range: 25 to 55 miles
  • Charge time: 4-6 hours
  • Best use: Streets, distance commuting
  • Portability: folding
  • Net weight: 50 lbs
  • Load capacity: 300 lbs

How Does The E Bike Work?

E-Joe was one of the first companies to manufacture these, so naturally, they make one of the best folding electric commuter bikes available today. They’ve also had plenty of time to streamline their model for easy use.

Pulling the trigger throttle is super easy. It can be used at levels 1 through 5 without any need for major amounts of pedal work. The display allows you to see your battery power, but it can also toggle to an odometer. It will show you how fast and how far you are going. Hold the – key to toggle between speed and distance and turn the backlight on.

The menu is really clean, with the throttle built right into the display. The downside is that if you break either the throttle or the display, both of them need to be replaced in repair work.

Press and hold the + button to turn the bike on. It will show you the speed and assist levels. The throttle is hot the moment you power the bike on, so be careful not to let it take off without you!

How Far Can The E Bike Go?

The E-Joe 2018 Epik SE Folding Bike enjoyed some upgrades from earlier models. With a top speed of 20 miles per hour and a range of 25 to 55 miles, this bike can take you nearly anywhere you want to go. It boasts one of the largest ranges out of any electrically powered bike.

The multiple speed and pedal options make this bike ideal for nearly any terrain. Whether you want to commute to and from the office to avoid traffic, zip around campus, run some errands or explore some parks and trails in the great and wild outdoors, this bike can make it happen!

These bikes are fantastic options for morning commuters. Even without pedal assist, your motor can take you up to 25 miles one way. Zip right past the gridlocked traffic on your e-bike and wave goodbye to all that stress. Recharge the battery while you work and it will be ready to power you all the way back home.

Folding E Bike Hub Motor

Hub motors are the original design for electric bikes. They aren’t built into the bike’s drive train. They’re separately powered using electromagnets and copper wires. They function much like traditional hubs by connecting the tire, rim, and spokes on a bike when they launch, but they can propel a bike much farther and be used without pedal power.

These motors are optimized for medium and high speeds, so they will certainly add some zip to your commute, but this means that going slower actually reduces the efficiency of the motor. They can also make it harder to balance because they adjust the weight ratio towards one side of the bike instead of maintaining a center of gravity.

Suspension An Transmission

The frame of the bike is made from a tough aluminum alloy; this allows the bike to maintain its shape and strength without becoming too heavy, although at 50 pounds it will still be a struggle for some folks. The seat is a little rough, especially during bumpy terrain, so you may want to invest in a seat cover or cushion if you plan on extended rides.

The gears shift smoothly and rapidly, although the cables will need to be monitored and tightened occasionally as you would with any traditional bicycle if you use pedal power frequently. The cables are all covered by a sheath and pressed against the chassis of the bike for security and quick responsiveness.

Wheels and Brakes

The E-Joe SE Epik features 20-inch Kenda puncture resistant street tires. It has front and rear zoom 160 mm disc brakes powered by a hand brake cord. This is a massive amount of brake compared to the size of the wheel, so this bike has serious stopping power! This bike even has motor inhibitors built in to make sure the motor gets cut when you pull the brake.


  • Hybrid pedaling or powered locomotion
  • Faster top speed than many models
  • Cadence sensing pedal assistance
  • Huge range, 25 miles pure power and up to 55 with pedal assist


  • Wider than comparable models even when folded
  • Heavier than comparable models

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